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Green Chemicals

A green chemical is one that provides higher performance and functionality while being more environmentally benign throughout its entire life-cycle.  This approach has been codified in the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry that provide a framework for innovation and design.

Creating Value With Green Chemicals

How do we do it? InKemia Green Chemicals works with our clients to create value through Green Chemistry. A small sample of how we help clients using the power of Green Chemistry is as follows:

      • Inventing and developing new materials and chemicals that will enhance your products and processes.
      • Develop new syntheses and processes that are more efficient and effective in achieving your goals.
      • Working with you to develop superior formulations that are healthier and more effective.
      • Generate chemicals from bio-based and renewable resources.

We do all this while reducing your costs associated with waste burdens, emissions, VOC (volatile organic compounds), labelling, and regulatory requirements.

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