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Driving Innovative Performance And Function Through The Transformational Power Of Green Chemistry

Featured Market Sector: Cosmetics and Personal Care

Announcing New Active Ingredients!

IGC2 – Hair Growth, Keratin Synthesis Increase, Antioxidant

IGC3 – Skin Regenerating, Wide-Range Protection, Antioxidant

IGC36 – Anti-Aging

IGC16 – Skin Brightening

Ingredients are all natural and non-GMO.


  • Development of Active and Functional Ingredients
  • Formulation Science and Personal Care / Cosmetic Product Development
  • Personal Care / Cosmetic Product Pilot Plant

Markets We Serve

We provide performance and specialty chemical products and services for multiple business sectors. Not all sectors could be listed, so contact us if you do not see your sector here.

Person Pulling Green Tape From A Roll


Farmer In Tractor Spraying Crops

Agricultural Chemicals

Plant Matter Inside A Test Tube

Biobased Chemicals

Green And White Shampoo, Conditioner, And Moisturizer Bottles With Water Pouring On Them

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Computer Board


Solar Panels And Windmills With City Skyline In Background


Person Cleaning Floor With Industrial Scrubber

Industrial Cleaning

CMYK Printing Cartridges


Paint Brush Being Dipped In Can Of White Paint

Paints & Coatings

Pill Capsules And Test Tubes


Solvent Containers In A Warehouse


Close Up Of Brightly Colored Threads


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