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Solvent Services

InKemia Green Chemicals has developed the world’s largest greener and safer solvent library containing hundreds of solvent solutions. We can work with you to address your challenges related to solvent performance.

Replacement Hazardous Ingredients

We Can

identify an alternative green solvent for you that allows for enhanced performance.

Increasing Technical Performance

We Have

developed a renewable, safer, and environmentally friendly solvent replacement for DMF in the synthesis of an anticancer agent.

EHS Profiles

We Can

integrate an alternative solvent into a commercial product or process.

Commercial Implementation

We Have

integrated one of our green solvents as a component of herbicide-based formulations. See our history of success.

Catalog of 100 Green Solvents

InKemia Green Chemicals has released a subset of our broader library of green solvents for sale to the public.

All products are characterized by a benign toxicological and environmental profile.

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Renewable Origin

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Derived From Waste

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