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Case Study

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Fuels and Biofuels

Biobased Blends As Preservative Agents In Fuels

The Problem

The control and prevention of microbiological growth is of critical importance in many applications involving the use of fuels, food and performance materials. Additivation has been a common practice for the prevention of microbiological growth in fuels, biofuels and other products, where chlorinated, sulphur and lead-containing biocides have been of common use. However, in addition to the phasing out of some of the mentioned compounds, there is a need to reduce all these chemicals to the minimum in order to avoid performance and emissions issues.

The Solution

Inkemia has developed bio-based formulations with the ability to prevent microbiological growth in fuel blends. Furthermore, these preservative blends avoid the use of chlorinated and sulphur-containing additives, increasing the environmental credentials and performance in comparison with other additivation strategies.

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